12 volt d.c. 1.5 Amp dual backup psu

12 volt d.c. 1.5 Amp dual power store with 7A/H battery backup.


12 volt d.c. 1.5 Amp regulated dual power supply with lightning, overload and short circuit protection inside metal housing with space for 12 volt d.c. 7/9 A/H battery.


Input 220 vac to 240 vac
Output 1 12 volt d.c. 1 Amp regulated - adjustable 12 -14 volt d.c.
Output 2 13.8 volt d.c. 1A charger for 7/9 A/H lead acid battery
Current 2 Amp Max
Protection 1 Lightning and surge protection across mains input
Protection 2 Electronic resetable fuse for overload + short circuit protection
Low battery cutout Low battery cutout at 10.2 volt d.c. prevents battery going into deep discharge
Mains fail output Mains fail output - Led or negative trigger output
Colour White - Metal housing
Size 228 x 175 x 88 mm with 2 x 15mm mounting lips